Research on an Extensible Monitoring System of a Seafloor Observatory Network in Laizhou Bay

TitleResearch on an Extensible Monitoring System of a Seafloor Observatory Network in Laizhou Bay
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsChen, J, Liu, H, Lv, B, Liu, C, Zhang, X, Li, H, Cao, L, Wan, J
JournalJournal of Marine Science and Engineering
Keywordsdata communication, data quality control, device management, marine ranching, remote monitoring, seafloor observatory network

An extensible remote monitoring system for a seafloor observatory network in Laizhou Bay was established to realize long-term, continuous and on-line monitoring for a marine ranching environment. This paper deals with data communication, device management and data quality control. A control model is introduced that is structured into four layers, enabling bidirectional information flow. Based on the control model, the standardized communication protocol and device object model-oriented dynamic management method are designed as plug-and-play, for data processing and control of a large number of devices. An improved data quality control method is proposed to reduce the data error rate. The monitoring system was developed based on socket network programming, MySQL database technologies and modular ideas. The seafloor observatory network was successfully deployed in Laizhou Bay marine ranching. The experimental results demonstrate that the monitoring system obtains better performance. The proposed algorithms can also be used in many other similar systems with adaptive requirements.